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AMAC Theater presents four puppet shows for children from 3 to 12 years. This shows are faithful to famous fairy tales. The authors are Charles Perrault, the Grimm brothers and Hans Christian Andersen. The puppets's heads are made for most of them in polyester resin (of making), and the tallest characteres are between 0.50m and 1.60m. The handling of the tallest inspires from Japanese Bunraku (from 1 to 3 handling technicians for one charactere according to the scenes). The others are baubles, glove or rod puppets. Two puppeteers, Alain Bertheau and Jean-Jacques Fialon handle the puppets and play the shows.

"La Princesse Grenouille"

D'après un conte traditionnel Russe

La dernière création d'AMAC !
Elle a été présentée pour la première fois au public
le 18 octobre 2006 à "Gare au Théâtre" à Vitry sur Seine
dans le cadre des manifestations "spectacles à emporter".

"Little Tiny or Thumbelina"

After the Tale by Hans Christian Andersen

This show was presented at the World Puppet Festival at Charleville Mézières in september 2003 (in).

"The three Golden Hairs of the Devil"

After the Tale by Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm -1999-

This show was presented at the World Puppet Festival at Charleville Mézières in september 2000 (in).

After the Tale by Grimm and the Tale by Charles Perrault

"Hans and Gretel"


"Puss in Boots"

This shows were presented at the World Puppet Festival at Charleville Mézières the 19th to 28th september 1997 (off).

la régie

A propos de ces spectacles

The production, devised with a foreground and an elevated background, permits to tell the story without interludes and the live performance of the texts adds a complicity with the audience. Since the end of 1999 the both the sound (music and sound effects) and all the lighting (low power) has been digitised and is computer controled. This leaves the puppeteers free to devote themselves entirely to the manipulation of the characters.

A little magic world which opens the dreams to the young and to the adults. These two plays are created for children between 3 and 12 years and are frequently performed in the theaters in the Parisian area.

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